Hi, I'm Zakariya Baig

I'm a London based front-end developer, scroll down to find out more about me.

About Me

Hi I'm Zak, I am a 20 year old front end web developer from London. I'm a self taught front end web developer and blogger with a passion for all things tech. It seems like yesterday when I stumbled across an old programming book, and almost instantly knew what direction I wanted to take for my career. Now, not a day goes by where I don't find myself sketching wireframes, developing new projects or clocking hours on CodePen.

When I'm not coding or constructing websites, I love to spend my time playing and watching sports, my favourite team is Arsenal FC. I'm always keen to learn new and upcoming trends and methods in programming. I also enjoy the outdoors, running, DIY, collecting hats, playing video games and eating way too many doughnuts.


I have in depth knowledge of HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, JQuery, Responsive Web Design, Sass, and Wordpress. I've also worked with lots of frameworks such as Bootstrap 3, Foundation 5, Skeleton and various other Grid systems.

I regard performance as equally important as design and I enjoy creating modular and semantic code to ensure optimum user experience.

Other notable skills and software I use include Git, GitHub, Markdown, HTML5 Boilerplate, Jekyll, Haml, OOCSS, Linux, and Web Standards.



The ultimate objective is to develop clean, pixel perfect layouts that provide pleasant and satisfying experiences for the user. I aim to accomplish flawless, top of the line design in all of my work.

Here is some of my latest work.